Computer Hardware and Repair Services provides solutions for residential as well as small, medium and large businesses pertaining to computer hardware and tech support needs. We provide on-site as well as remote tech support services. We also provide computer hardware and laptops sales and upgrade services.

 Some of our services include :

 Laptop and PC repairs: 

If your computer runs slow or is infected with a virus or you need a clean up of your data then you can call us for any sort of repair needs. We are just a call away and our expert technician will help you get your system up and running.

Mac Repairs:

Apple computers and laptops require a different level of expertise and knowledge as compared to other PC and laptops and we have complete knowledge of Mac systems. If your Mac computer is running slow or you are getting unnecessary popups then we can clean up your system and restore it back to perfect.

Virus Removal:

Even after regular virus scan and anti-virus in your system there are chances of infestation of viruses in your system. If you are suffering from any sort of virus or malware attack, then do get in touch with us for your data security and virus removal.


We provide a complete solution for small home and business network set up as well as boosting your wifi performance and coverage issues. Whether it is LAN set up or improving your connectivity, we can handle all your needs.

Managed Tech support services:

We provide pro-active maintenance and security services for your computer with our managed tech support service plans. Contact us to get a tailor-made plan for your business needs.

Backup Solutions:

Regular data backup and restoration is required by businesses and individuals too. There are several important files and documents, that if lost can cause huge loss to individuals as well as businesses and hence we ensure that you do not lose your data and we provide timely backup solutions.

Computer upgrade services: If your computer is running slow and you want to tune up your system or perform any sort of software or hardware upgrades, then we provide the best in class solutions.

So contact us to get a free quote regarding your requirements.